Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Bill’s Cleaning and Flood Service is your local expert for all of your Commercial tile and grout cleaning needs in Gurnee. By estimate only, call for pricing. We have one of the most prestigious resumes, and stand by an extremely high quality of workmanship and have accomplished a work scope more than successfully for many Doctor’s offices, Dentist Offices, Construction offices, and work site trailers, multi-level buildings, schools, and hospitals. Not only do we have resumes and references for your piece of mind. But consumer reviewers, have listed us amongst the top carpet cleaning companies in Gurnee with all five star ratings.  We are also almost ALWAYS 20% LESS expensive than the LEGITIMATE competition because we run a tight knit family owned business with Bill Patterson as the Leader in Gurnee. 


Commercial Tile Before Bill's Cleaning Service.

Commercial Tile Before Bill’s Cleaning Service.

Commercial Tile Floor After Bill's Cleaning Service.

Commercial Tile Floor After Bill’s Cleaning Service.