Scheduled Cleaning

Dirt does not accumulate in carpet evenly. Certain identifiable areas such as entryways, food service areas, and areas adjacent to hard-surface floors will accumulate more soil more quickly. These areas typically constitute only about 20 percent of the overall carpet floor area, yet they account for up to 80 percent or more of the overall soil load.

Development of a maintenance schedule that strategically allocates resources to those areas that get dirty first and most will result in cleaner, more healthful facilities. In addition, it will enable budget conscious facility managers to increase productivity by maximizing the effectiveness of their staff’s cleaning efforts.

In addition, a periodic review between facility managers designated In-House staff and cleaning contractors will help to streamline and customize efforts. Occasionally it will become clear that certain areas will require more resource allocation than expected and vice versa. Therefore, good lines of communications and a partnership approach between all involved entities should be encouraged.