Dirt Removal

Dry Soil Removal

Dry soil removal is accomplished through vacuuming. Proper, frequent vacuuming is important for a variety of reasons: Particulate soils should be captured before they filter down below the carpet’s surface where they are much more difficult to remove. Careful vacuuming helps to control the accumulation of yarn-damaging grit.

A variety of safe and effective vacuuming tools are available. The most common problems with dry soil removal relate to inadequate vacuum maintenance. These problems include

1) vacuum heads not set to the proper level, 2) belts in need of replacement, and 3) vacuum bags that are nearly or completely filled and as a consequence the vacuum’s effectiveness is dramatically reduced.

In addition, most facilities cleaning staff have not been properly trained on how to vacuum  and are often expected to vacuum too much carpeting in too little time. The end result is that carpeting is not vacuumed properly and only visible debris is removed.

Spot Removal

The most common complaints about spots on carpeting are “We remove the spot, but they keep coming back,” and “The spot won’t come out.” Why do spots reappear? Frequently the substance that causes the spot penetrates all the way to the carpet backing but only the surface is cleaned. Consequently, the substance below the surface wicks back after cleaning. The other reason is that the spotting chemical leaves behind a soil-attracting residue that is not rinsed away. Left in the carpet, it attracts soil and becomes a dirty spot.

Why don’t all spots come out? Some seemingly un-removable spots can be removed if the right chemical is used. Different spots require different spot-removal agents. Another reason is that spots are permitted to remain in carpeting too long and bond with the fiber.

Spots should be removed as soon as possible after they occur. Finally, some beverages can dye some types of carpeting. Removal of these spots involves the use of special cleaning agents and should only be attempted by specially trained technicians. The solution to spotting problems require:

• a regular, scheduled spot removal program.

• the use of proper spotting procedures and products.

• a designated carpet spot removal specialist with special training to tackle tough to remove spots.

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