Dirt Containment

Dirt containment requires effective barrier systems including exterior sweeping and walk-off

Bill Cleaning a Carpet with Dirt Containment.

Bill Cleaning a Carpet with Dirt Containment.

matting as essential first lines of defense in an effective carpet maintenance system.

  • Tracked-in soils present threats to both carpeting and health. Some are allergens. Some are tacky and attract more soils. And some are quite abrasive.
  • Debris that collects outside building entrances will find its way inside if allowed to build up.
  • Keeping all entrance areas swept is a simple and easy way to reduce the soil load inside of buildings.

Oil on greasy parking lots adheres to shoe leather then transfers to carpet pile. Once transferred, the gummy consistency collects additional soils. In addition, asphalt residues tracked onto carpet create a “yellowing / browning” condition that is difficult if not impossible to remove especially on olefin carpet. Walk-off mats reduce these threats and help keep carpet clean longer.

Grit is a significant threat to carpet’s appearance over the long run and coats all external surfaces in great abundance. The reason is this substance; a microscopic rock has many sharp, jagged, cutting edges. Tiny as it is, it scratches, gouges, and grinds carpet pile yarn, especially under body weight and shoe leather. Over time, when grit is tracked in, it abrades pile yarn’s polished finish, causing carpeting to appear dull and unattractive, and causing yarn damage that cleaning cannot repair. Exterior sweeping and properly maintained walk-off mats will greatly reduce the grit threat.