Carpet Care

Carpet Care Suggestions

We choose carpet in our homes for several reasons – warmth, comfort, color, etc.

The carpet we choose represents a large investment and it requires proper care to keep it attractive andCarpet Care clean. Several practices will help you to maintain the condition and appearance of your carpet. The following suggestions will help you to maintain this important investment.

Vacuum your carpet several times per week with a high quality vacuum cleaner. We track sand, grit and other abrasives on our carpet every day. Professional cleaning can remove most stains and spots but we cannot remove wear in the fiber. The tracked grit acts as sandpaper and wears out the fiber leaving traffic areas that tend to be darker than other areas of the carpet.

In addition it is helpful to re-arrange furniture to vary traffic patterns.

Suggestion 1: Vacuum often. The Majority of household dirt can be removed by regular vacuuming.

Suggestion 2: Keep dirt outside by buying track off rugs. Place the rugs at all entrance to your home both inside and out. Rugs help to create dirt containment zones. Did you every notice the bedrooms normally show less wear than other rooms? This is because most of the dirt is tracked off prior to reaching them. Remove your shoes at the entrance of your home.

Suggestion 3: A great way to avoid spills is to keep drinks and meals on the kitchen table. Since children are more likely to spill, purchase spill-proof cups for them. Synthetic dyes (red dye number 5) in drinks and food may be permanent. Be especially careful to keep Kook-aid and similar beverages off carpeted surfaces.

Suggestion 4: When spills occur quickly wipe them up with a clean white cloth or shop vacuum. Allowing stains to set will only make it more difficult to remove.

Avoid using detergents on your carpet. There are several chemicals available for cleaning spots and stains on carpet. Many of them appear to remove the spots immediately but we find that several days or weeks later the spot re-appears. The reason this happens is that spotting agents and other chemicals typically contain surfactant’s (surface active agents). These surfactant’s do not evaporate, and without the use of professional grade equipment, leave a soil-attracting residue.

Suggestion 5: To remove stains, follow this simple procedure. Scrape any matter off of the carpet with a butter knife. Use a white cloth or preferably a shop vacuum to remove the majority of solid matter and spilled liquids. It is best to bring it all up prior to rinse which will actually “soak” it in. After removing solid and liquid to the best of your ability rinse out the stain. Use lots of water on spills or spots and a Shop vacuum to extract. In the event the spot or stain is still visible, repeat the rinsing. If you use a spot cleaner make sure to rinse it all out. If all efforts fail, call Bill’s for a service call. Keep in mind a service call is inexpensive compared to an eyesore permanent stain.

Suggestion 6: If you use a spotter on your carpet be sure to rinse it fully. Use plenty of water and a blot with a white cloth.

Mistakes that will ruin Carpet

Do not use Bleach, window cleaner or any other cleaner not designed for carpet.

Household cleaning products not specifically for carpet may bleach or discolor your carpets fiber. Use only products specially designed for carpet.

If you have a home carpet cleaner or decide to rent a portable unit use great care.

Homeowners will often leave a detergent residue in their carpet. A detergent residue will cause a carpet to attract soil leaving a grayish appearance. It is extremely important that carpets dry in hours otherwise they may brown out. This condition requires a special treatment to reverse.

Allowing pets to have “accidents” will destroy your carpet. Although it is possible to remove urine from the carpet and padding over time if allowed to continue bad pet behavior will be irreversible.