In-house Staff Training

In-House Staff Training

The effectiveness of every cleaning tool or process is dependent upon the skill and know-how of the operator. An effective system requires in-service training both at the time of implementation of CMA and periodically thereafter as new designated staff are brought onboard. Too often training is neglected by cleaning contractors and facilities managers alike. This is a mistake with potentially huge consequences in lost productivity. It is critical that sufficient time be set aside for in-service training.

An effective in-service training program will have at least five elements:

  1. Explain the purpose of the tool or process, how it works, and how it fits into the overall carpet care system being implemented.
  2. Demonstrate proper application of the tool or process.
  3. All cleaning staff should have an opportunity for hands-on use of the tool or application of the process with an instructor present.
  4. Equipment cleanup and maintenance. This is a very important but often neglected part of the training process. It should be a stand-alone part of the training.
  5. “Bull” session at the end. Designated staff often will be reluctant to speak up or ask questions at first for fear of appearing “stupid.” By waiting until the end for a semi formal “bull” session, the instructor will have the opportunity to establish rapport with the staff and to observe the skills and limitations of the participants. Questions and input are more likely and answers more effective when time is set aside at the end of the training.